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even on our most trying days, countless others would trade places in a heartbeat.
               we are so blessed!

Much better than living in a car

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When donating on the PayPal site please use the "Special Instructions" section to specify what program you would like your donation applied to since we assist many different programs.

If you have been blessed by having the ability to share some of what has been given to you, and have the heart and desire to make a difference in this world, please share your blessings with your gift of a Tax Deductible donation to Hope Floats Charities. All donations, large or small, one time or reoccurring, are sincerely appreciated. Every gift will be cherished and administered with the utmost care.


Mike Kearns (Diabetic Amputee) and Kevin Kearns (Cancer Survivor)

Hope Floats Charities was formed simply to make it easy for others to make a difference. Quite often people are so willing to share their abundance, they just need an easy, safe way to do it. We search for unique opportunities to assist projects across the globe. Our nonprofit organization was founded by two brothers, Kevin and Tim Kearns, and recently added another brother, Deacon Pat, to our team.

Knowing that the best way to help is often to help fund local operations in the locations of need, the brothers continually look for programs and projects where practically 100% of the donations are applied to the projects.

We exist to help others make a difference.

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Can you imagine living in your car? Especially if you have a family. How do you sleep? Where do you go to the bathroom? Do laundry? Is it safe? Will the police make you move the car saying its a no overnight parking spot? How many paychecks can we miss before we find we cannot make the rent payment and we have no other option? A group of churches in the Morgan Hill area have developed a program called "SafePark" and it provides a safe area to park overnight. In addition, tiny houses and camper trailers are provided to allow families to escape a night in the car. Laundry and shower facilities are provided. If you have a camper to donate, even if it needs work, please reach out. And money is always appreciated as well.

a 501(C)3 corporation

EIN: 20-8442663

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Many of us take our health for granted. However, others struggle daily to find comfort and to have hope for a better tomorrow. Diabetes, Cancer, and many other diseases can be devastating and debilitating illnesses. Our brother Mike lost his leg in his ongoing battle with diabetes. Kevin, thankfully, overcame stage 4 cancer, but the path took a heavy toll and only underscores the need to vigilantly pursue cures for these any many other physical and mental health challenges.

Hope Floats Charities is dedicated to the support of research and treatment of Diabetes, Cancer, and many other life changing illnesses.

Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, credit card, or Paypal.

"Click" on the above photo to visit the amazing Guatemala Educational Program.

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School Children in Godinez, Guatemala

The "Amigos del Profe Beto / Friends of Professor Beto" is an wonderful program located in the small town of Godinez, Guatemala. The program services 115 students and provides education in the Arts (Music, Voice, Dance) as well as instruction in the English Language, Physical Education, and vocational training. These are all subjects not typically available in the public schools.

Your donation, no matter how much, will make a meaningful difference.

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to specify what program you would like your donation applied to since we assist many different programs.